Sean Cotterill - About

I am a Newcastle, UK based Frontend Developer, Programmer and Live Coder with a background in the arts.

I obtained a BA and MA at Newcastle University specialising in open-source computational music and art, emphasising live coding music performance using the SuperCollider programming language and developing multimedia installations and performances using platforms such as Arduino and Processing. I have performed and exhibited digital work in the UK, Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong and China. I have developed learning resources for the SuperCollider programming language that have been used internationally.

I am currently Lead Full Stack Engineer at Inflowmatix Ltd. I have experience using HTML, CSS & SASS, JavaScript, React, Redux, GraphQL, Gatsby, Contentful, Nodejs, AWS, Netlify and GitHub to deliver projects.

You can find me on GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn, AngelList and at theseancotterill at live . com