co34pt is an alias under which I perform live coded dance music using the SuperCollider programming language. I have been performing since late 2015 as part of the Algorave movement, and have performed over 40 gigs in nightclubs, concert halls and venues across the UK, as well as in Brussels, Berlin, Karlsruhe, Hamilton, Montreal, Morelia, Hong Kong and Shanghai, as well as some bespoke non-dance performances such as at the International Conference on Live Coding.

My performances follow the TOPLAP convention of 'Show us your screens', writing code live and using screen projection inside the venue to show the audience the code I am writing to produce music.

I have developed an open-source setup for performance using the SuperCollider programming language, which I have documented and released in the form of howtoco34ptliveCode.

You can see a performance here, and my Bandcamp contains recordings of many of my previous performances