Half-Live for Conditional Records

Half-live for Conditional Records is an album released in March 2018 by Berlin-based Conditional Records, comprising of recordings of music live-coded using the SuperCollider language. Initially concieved as multiple short tracks, the album ended up being three long-form live tracks, which are 'curated' forms of types of live sets I would perform, less improvised and open than usual with defined start and end points.

I released the code used to create this album in a GitHub repo which can be found here. It uses open source code and (where possible) creative commons-licensed samples to make the release deconstructible and reusable wherever possible.

From Conditional Records:

'Half-Live for Conditional Records' displays a wide-ranging command of genre, touching on elements of minimalism, breakbeat hardcore, bassline and old-skool rave (airhorn fans, be ready). Created and performed live in audio programming language Supercollider, these tracks play tricks on the ear, bending pitch and subverting rhythm on a whim.