howto co34pt liveCode

howto co34pt liveCode is a large project to extensively document and open source my tools and methods for live coding in SuperCollider as co34pt, with a focus on giving detailed, modular musical examples which are easily usable and remixable.

It is written in Markdown and was converted to a static site using Mkdocs. It contains extensive written documentation and examples (viewable on GitHub, a downloaded files and on its own website), essays, code, a complete SuperCollider Live Coding setup, instruments and samples. The repo takes you through the background of my live coding practice, through the basics and into more advanced techniques and styles of Live Coding in SuperCollider.

It has been used both in teaching and for individuals to learn how to live code in SuperCollider by people from around the world (including the UK, Japan, Brazil and France), and has nearly 100 stars on GitHub.