sampler/sampler 1.0

Sampler/sampler_1.0 is a digital blackwork embroidery stitch emulator, sonification system and sampler, commissioned for performance at Algomech Festival 2016 and additionally performed at No Bounds Festival, Sheffield and the Third International Conference on Live Coding, Morelia Mexico.

Blackwork embroidery, a technique of counted thread embroidery that became popular in England in the 16th century, uses simple straight stitches across the regular grid structure of evenweave fabric to create repeating geometric patterns.

sampler/sampler_1.0 relies on two networked computers; one as a pattern sample generator (host) and another as a pattern sampler (client). The pattern sample generator, built using Processing (a programming language for creating interactive visuals), is designed to mimic the structure of hand stitching a thread path. Alternating between front and back thread positions on the virtual fabric, each stitch generates a corresponding sound through SuperCollider. As simple shape patterns are constructed by the host in Processing, the thread path is recorded creating a sample that is sent to the client machine. Simple pattern samples are repeated and combined in the client SuperCollider to generate complex improvised visual/audio pattern structures. A custom Arduino controller is used to interface with the host machine.

sampler/sampler_1.0 is an ongoing collaborative project between myself and Toni Buckby, a textile, digital and performance artist.

Code for sampler/sampler 1.0, as well as instructions to build controller hardware can be found here.