Serial to OSC converter

In a number of past projects I have used the Arduino platform to interpret various kinds of high-speed sensor data streams and send them to my machine over a USB Serial Port connection. USB serial connections over Arduino can be a little shaky, as well as SuperCollider's USB Serial implementation on Linux being fairly poor.

My solution to this was to write a number Python scripts to turn Serial strings into OSC, often writing one for every device that I prototyped - and found out others in a similar position had the same issues as me.

I decided to write a Python script generator which takes arguments to create scripts that can be used for parsing Arduino serial data in any application that takes OSC messages over UDP. This extra layer can provide stability when working with Arduino on digital art platforms - preventing the user having to disconnect and reconnect a Serial connection every time the code for an application is changed, making the prototyping process for digital art applications much easier.