Bede Gaming

From February 2019 to March 2020 I worked for the Bolt team at Bede Gaming, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Throughout my time there I worked on a number of web projects, including in-house demo sites for prospective clients, client-facing work for household-name international clients and greenfield work using new technologies.

I worked across multiple tech stacks and projects to meet varying demands in an agile environment, both delivering web products according to specification, as well as having direct input on the structure and tech stacks of future projects.

I worked onsite from February to June 2019, then remote from June 2019 onwards.

Tech used included: HTML, CSS/Less/Sass, JavaScript (up to ES9), TypeScript, React, Redux, Styled-components, Gatsby, Strapi, jest, react-testing-library, mocha, Vuejs and Vuex