Inflowmatix Ltd.

From March 2020 I have been working as a remote engineer for Inflowmatix. Initially as a Frontend Engineer, then as Lead Full Stack Developer for the InflowNet App team.

Throughout my role I have worked end-to-end across the stack with a React frontend, GraphQL server backend, AWS Lambda stack and Terraform deployment. Also the app interfaces with external platforms such as a localisation manager.

Duties include:

  • Delivering new features
  • Website maintainance work
  • Scoping new features
  • Liasing with other teams and app users
  • Task management (tickets, features, support)
  • Onboarding new developers
  • Performing app support
  • Overseeing development of Webapp, GraphQL API and Lambda stack
  • Assisting in production deployments
  • Monitoring WebApp performance and screening frontend bugs

Tech stack includes: React, Enzyme, Jest, Javascript ES7+, Nodejs, CSS Modules, AWS Lambdas, EC2, S3, Cloudwatch & Cognito, Terraform, SQL, Knex + Objection, GraphQL, Apollo, Crowdin, D3, Serverless and others